Bill Checking & Administrative Support

Energy bills should be simple, clear and accurate. With Telnergy’s Management Service, we put a named energy manager on your account who will resolve administrative errors  and explain every itemised cost to you. You’ll pay for the energy you use – nothing more, nothing less. 

  • Bill Validation: pay for the energy you use, not for the mistakes made by your supplier’s accounts team.
  • Cost Recovery: Our refund chasing service gets any overspend back into your account as soon as possible.
  • Multi-site & Tenancy support: if you need to rebill multiple tenants, business units or sites for their individual energy consumption, we’ll help you break down each bill accurately and fairly.
  • Client Portal integration: you’ll get 24/7 access to energy billing tools that actually make sense.
  • Management Reporting: we’ll send you Quarterly or Annual reports to suit your accounting periods.

See how much you can save 

Energy Management services do more than save you money – they improve cash flow and free up your time for other commercial priorities. Find out just how cost-effective our management service can be. Send us your latest bill and we’ll carry out a free introductory audit. 

An Energy Management Service you can Bank On 

We’ve built our management service to be accountable and affordable … and we’ve already helped thousands of business customers to save money and time through bill validation. Services include:

Bill Validation

Rebate Recovery

Anomaly Investigation

Usage & Cost Forecasting


Helpdesk for Multi Sites

Tenant Billing

Changes of Occupancy

Payment Reminders

Fully Scalable Support

Triad Charge Checking

Client Control Panel

Clarify your costs

See what’s really going on with your energy bill. We’ll give you a clear picture of where your energy spend is going, and catch billing errors before they eat into your cash flow. For almost twenty years, we’ve successfully delivered energy management services for businesses across the UK. See what they have to say:

Cost Effective & Accurate Rebilling

When passing central energy costs on to multiple tenants, business units or properties, it can often feel like the administrative costs outweigh the benefits. Our Energy Management service is the ideal solution for rebilling. We’ve got decades of experience in this area and can handle complex rebilling and bill validation projects quickly and accurately. 

Bespoke Retained Energy Consultancy

For facilities management departments or large corporate clients with a portfolio of sites, we can offer a tailored energy partnership service. Our experts can work hand-in-glove with your existing teams to improve your energy infrastructure, costs, billing processes and sustainability. Contact us on 01202 483388 to learn more about our bespoke service.

Our extensive expertise means we can cater to clients beyond our local area. We are able to service clients across all of the EU 27 member states, the US and beyond.