Respect and Integrity. It’s what we’re all about.  

The utilities industry is not renowned for its customer service. We are different. 

Telnergy is committed to offering customers the best possible advice, with total impartiality and transparency. We follow six simple principles:

Our Ethics

We will always treat you with respect and integrity. 

We will always be open, honest and transparent. If we make a mistake we will face up to our actions and rectify our error.

Our Sales Approach

We don’t believe in hard selling. We refuse to mislead, manipulate or misinform our clients to win or keep their custom.

This has never been the way we do business and it will never be a part of the way we do business.

Our Pricing

We are open and honest about the deals available to you and our fees. 

We will always offer our best possible price and if we don’t think you’re set up on the best tariff relative to your circumstances and usage, we’ll tell you.

Your Rights

We will always keep you fully informed of your rights as a customer, and our obligations as your energy consultant.

Your Choices

We will respect your right to choose a different supplier or broker. In the unlikely event that you ever choose to leave us, we will facilitate your switch in a helpful manner.

Your Trust

We will always treat your custom, and the faith you have placed in us, as a privilege and a solemn responsibility.

We will honour your trust with honesty, integrity and hard work.

We take our values seriously. If you feel we have breached this code or have any other concerns about the service you have received, please contact us on 01202 483388 or email us at cop[at]